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About Mag

MAG is a world class supplier of integrative mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive industry.

As one of three member companies of Ein Hashofet Industries, which also includes Eltam and
Mivrag Cold Forming Technology, MAG benefits from in-house competencies including stamping, cold forming, electronics and finishing. When combining these competencies with an extensive network of global suppliers MAG ensures product superiority complemented by competitive pricing.

In addition to MAG-EH, MAG-USA located in Clinton, Tennessee is a state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and warehouse facility - assuring North American customers of responsive engineering support and just-in-time supply.

MAG is an expert in all stages of project management including design, development, manufacture and supply and by working directly in collaboration with customers, the company brings sophisticated and responsive solutions to the automotive industry, ensuring that innovation is a shared vision.

MAG has secured a reputation for product excellence, offering the highest level of quality, performance and value to automotive customers.